Custom colours and thickness of layers in the layout doesn't work. Missing option or bug?

Hi all,
if I change the colours in the layout column I should see the colours and thicknesses changing in the layout view, and I should also see this change when I print from layout, but actually, it doesn’t do anything.
Did I miss to activate an option somewhere, or is it a bug?
Thanks, Ric

Hi Ric - keep in mind that these settings for the layout are for the stuff on the layout itself, not in the details, of which each can have it its own settings. Print colors are not necessarily the same as the display colors - use PrintDisplay to see print colors in the viewport… Does any of that make sense with what you’re seeing?


Oh I see! thanks for you explanation now everything is clear and it works perfectly!
And it also makes sense because maybe I could have needed to change specifically the colours and the thicknesses of a single detail and don’t change them in another one of the same layout.
Thanks for your fast response.