Multiple grids visible on layout at all times


the viewports have the construction grid enabled but they are visible only when the the detail viewport is active.

how can the grids in all detail vierports made visible when viewing in the layout.

on print, there is a visibility option for grid.

I would like the same achieved when on layout.

(Mary Ann Fugier) #2

Hi HepChan,
Yes, this is currently not possible with Rhino 5 or even Rhino 6 WIP.
In my experience, this feature has not been requested before.

However, I can see where it would be useful and it an option in printing.
“Show All Detail Grid on Layout” could easily be an option on Grid page.
I will add it to the wish list.

Thanks for letting us know.
Mary Ann Fugier
McNeel Technical Support and Training
Seattle, WA


thanks @mary

(Mary Ann Fugier) #4

Hi HepChan,
I wanted to let you know that you wish as been logged with the development team for consideration in a future Rhino. They will contact you if they have additional questions on the implementation of the feature.

The developer may open up the thread for public view on YouTrack, at some point.
The item number is RH-40446

Thanks for letting us know.

Mary Ann Fugier