Grasshopper/rhino integration: a wish

after installing V6 i was i bit disappointed about grasshopper integration. I have a feeling that not much has changed, if you have been using grasshopper before, though i cannot really nail down what i would have expected.
allthough i have a 43" monitor, the gh-window somehow always seems to be in the way and i keep pushing it around.
one idea would be a dockable grasshopper console window, which only displays selected components. i could use this for presentation purposes to only show and use a minimal grashopper “interface” (for example some selected sliders).
does this sound reasonable to anyone else?

Hi @brt1

I think you are looking for the remote control panel which has been there since 2013 or so?
You can use toggles and gates to select whether or not to display objects.

sounds perfect, thanks!
just can´t find it. which category?

got it, thanks again!