Grid on Brep


I am trying to get a Diamond Grid on a Brep but I only manage to achieve it on surfaces.
A friend of mine sent me this video:

I was wondering if there is another way of achiving the task.

The Diagrid on a simple form:

The shape the grid is supposed to be on:

The File:

DiaGrid on (34.7 KB)

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DiaGrid on Brep Edited (96.8 KB)

Yes. there is another plugin, pOd.

The pOd is a collection of 3 plugins. You can find one of them on F4R. The last two you can not find on the open web.
I collected everything I could and uploaded them to my GDrive.


Hello Quan,

thank you very much for your reply and the link to your GDrive!

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good job bro