Grasshopper window wish

With about ANY program, Windows 11 (and even 10 perhaps) allows that thing where one can adjust the vertical border between two windows with the mouse cursor.

Lacking this ability with Grasshopper, I find myself endlessly fumbling and resizing the GH and Rhino window depending on my changing needs.
There HAS to be a better was of integrating both interfaces.


Maybe pOd?

Hi Quan, there’s at least one feature that I find super useful in POD ; it’s the ability to change wire aspect by box selection.
Regarding the Rhino viewport… not so sure.
What if you need to access the rhino toolbars or run a Rhino command through the prompt ?
Moreover, I wasn’t able to get the Rhino viewport to be side-by side with the canvas, like in the video ; I only get a floating viewport.

Since the two software are running in tandem, I think it’s about time McNeel offered a proper window layout management with GH.

I’d like to add that there is still the 3D mouse situation : it would be a killer feature if GH natively supported 3D mice zooming and panning. There has been some attempts by third-parties to make that work but it always ends up with some deal-breaking bug somewhere.


I think the icon of viewport can be right/left click. It gives different viewports.

I will be really wonderful if that happens.

Maybe Dynamo like viewport is good either. I remember there is a plugin can integrate the viewport in to the canvas(background), but that one is extremely slow.

Yes : it’s either Perspective or Top, but in both cases, they are floating viewports.
I’d rather a side-by-side layout with a moveable border.
It seems possible, as it is show in the video, but I can’t find the trick to get there.

Hi Quan, May i ask if dynamo built in component are enough and paralleled like Houdini?

Dynamo ? Yuck !

That’s no good for me.

I just want GH to behave like other programs and sit side by side with Rhino, with an easy way to slide the partition line.

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McNeel people ?
@DavidRutten ?

honestly i wish not just the whole GH but only the Offset component became paralleled and not error-prone.
p.s:adding missed “not”

Errr… What ?

i think he means error-proof. the offset component has some bugs, and they are discussed throughout the forum

sorry , i missed typing a “not” before error prone

I have no explanation why, but for me it works (Rhino 8 on Win11 Pro):

Did you Photoshop this just to turn me nuts ?

OK… Anyone else is able to get the vertical slider ?
Do you use the new window layout management in Win 11 to tile your windows ?

Just a standard Win11 Pro install. Here is how I do it:

  • I move Rhino to the left by pressing Win + a few times.

  • I move Grasshopper to the right by pressing Win + a few times. Here there is something special: The first time the window shows up on the right, it is still a few pixels too far to the left and the corners of the window are rounded. Then I press Win + once more, and now it aligns perfectly and the corners of the window are sharp. Only after this step, I can get the resize handle.

To save space, I use Rhino in -_Fullscreen mode, but that should not matter.

Thanks for your explanations, but despite my efforts to follow your steps, it just doesn’t work here…

Do you have all the Windows updates?

I faintly remember, and I may be wrong, that I had the same issue quite a while ago.

Ahh… Windows updates… Where would we be without them ?
Yes, I am up to date.

240416_IMG_Up To Date

I think the issue is related to the Parent-child relationship between Rhino’s Window and Grasshopper’s.
For example, GH messes with the fast docking drop-down system, while no other program interferes like this :