Grasshopper: Automatic waffle fail

Hi everyone!

I am having an issue when I try to make an automatic waffle with the grasshopper file (attached) that I found on the web.
When I set the distance between sections in 200mm, I find I mistake that I don’t know how to solve, because instead of having all closed planar curves, it appears one “closed curve” that makes trims fail. This doesn’t happen when I set the distance in 199.9mm.

Could anyone help me? I don’t know if the problem is in the 3d geometry or maybe there are other different grasshopper operations that could avoid this issue.

Thanks a lot!


Waffle.3dm (8.6 MB) (28.6 KB)

Use Region slits is better (7.6 MB)

Thank you so much for your time and for the grasshopper file @seghierkhaled.

I just tried it with another file and it works fine, but I had to move one of the section’s group just a few milimeters down (just before the slit operation) to be sure that all trims were up in one section’s group (YZ) and down in other’s (XZ); otherwise, I would not be able to assembly them from above and I would have to bend some sections.
I attach a screenshot to a better understanding.

And this is how the trim looked before:

I have another doubt right now, because I see that the text is placed getting de center of each
silhouette, but in my case, I needed it to be in the lower-left vertex of each sihouette (with the silhouettes having the same orientation, Y upwards for example).
I don’t know if it’s too difficult to get because if I want the same orientation for every piece, I have to number them just before the nesting operation.
If you think this is insane to get, I will be conformed with what I got right now.

Thank you again because you were very helpful!

i don’t understand the problem because i never use this in my life
Try with Opennest it also have Region slits, it designed for this things