Very hard to edit component / object names in Mac GH

In grasshopper on mac, the “name edit” field on active objects’ right-click menu is extremely hard to edit… sometimes you get it on the first try, and sometimes it doesn’t “take”… it usually takes me 5-6 tries. It seems to be especially difficult when the name field is empty… A minor annoyance to be sure but I would be very happy if it were fixed :slight_smile:



I’m having a difficult time reproducing this one on my machine.

At first, I thought you meant that getting the text field control to activate was difficult, but it sounds more like you are typing in some value and it…disappears? Or does the name just not update after you press enter …or?

I feel like I’m missing something obvious.

Also, some SystemInfo might be needed here, to see how our configurations are different. Do you use a mouse or the trackpad mostly?

Hi Dan. No, it’s the former: getting the text field control to activate is difficult: I have trouble getting the field to “focus” so that I can type. I click many times in the background area and even though the cursor previews as an “insert text” (image) cursor, clicking does not activate the field. I think there’s a “dead zone” along the bottom of the field… with a little more exploration, clicking at the top of the field seems to activate it consistently but clicking anywhere along the bottom doesn’t work.