Grasshopper torus like body (solid) to voronoi fail

Hey Guys,
I am quite new to Grasshoper/Rhino. I tried to create an Torus like solid with voronoi mesh. I found an tutorial online and followed it, but there are some erros, I´ve tried to solve them but now luck…
Do you guys have an idea?

test_bs.3dm (3.4 MB) (36.2 KB)

always inspect the data !
Point in Brep expect a closed brep (a solid)
you feed an open BRep it will not work.

You can hover over the component to see some informations, you can put a panel

You can bake and inspect in Rhinoceros

Okay thanks for the tipps,
but this doesn’t fix the error right?
In this tutorial it works fine:

Did you close the brep ?
You will find on others scripts made from yhis video

I fixed the errors by adding an cap. But the middle of the torus is also full with voronoi (maybe due to the cap) but I only want the torus. So it should look like an headband…

I just used Cap hole to test, up to you to make the geometry you want. This is classic Rhino Modelling. If I remember well you just have to join your torus with a cylinder.

okay, i only want the torus. But it looks like this, although I only modelled a torus. Does this happen due to the cap?

Surely yes. A torus is a solid, your input was open.

I was able to generate the Voronoi strtucture, but there are some random sharp spikes. How can I change the Grasshoper file, that thoose do not occur.
Best regards,
Julian (30.0 KB)

Take a look at this topic:

GH multipipe give spikes when there are sharp angle - Grasshopper - McNeel Forum

Okay I tried, but it does not finish to compute, is there another option?