Grasshopper style hatch color

I’m making my own Grasshopper door style for a sliding door, “pocket” type that slides inside the wall. Since the wall object will only have the the opening profile cut out of it, it means that the wall and door leaf will overlap in the drawing, which looks a bit messy.

I figured I could make a solid white hatch in the plan representation of the block, but it seems like the fill colour of the hatch is set to ByLayer by default.

Is it possible to adjust this or is there any other workaround to make a nicer looking sliding door object?

Hi @studioselva,
You can assign section attributes directly to the object component (the leaf), from the styles dialog > Attributes tab:

However, the wall pattern will be drawn over the door’s leaf when this goes inside the wall, so the “White Solid” hatch pattern on the leaf component won’t make this trick.
You should subtract from the wall an auxiliary volume that has the leaf dimensions (or a wider one), using the vaSubtractSolids command.

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Thanks Francesc.

I guess that is a possibility, but it would be nice to have the option to do the subtraction “inside” the style itself, automatically.

Anyway, thinking about this, I realized that it’s more logical to make a new wall style that is hollow, since this is how it’s built in reality. It works like a charm and looks good in elevations as well.

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Hi @studioselva

That’s planned for future versions.

That’s a smart solution!

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