Door Insertion alignment bug and Changing Interior/Exterior

I am attempting to use the Insertion Alignment metric on Door Options in Grasshopper for VA but for some reason the door will not shift alignment from the center of the line whether it is set to interior, center or exterior on the slider. Is there a bug with this feature?

Also, is there a way of flipping the door orientation from inside to outside without flipping the curve? This affects the wall that the door is situated on drastically.

See attached file and screenshot of the issue. (51.9 KB)

Thank you

Hi @james.churchill,

The door style you are using addapts the frame depth to the hosting wall thickness, so it is not possible to change the alignment because there is not more space in the wall for the door to move.

You can change this door style value here:


It is not possible with the door component (this is something we already have in our to-do list), but you can flip the door after using the door coomponent, so that you don’t have to change the wall path direction:


I am not clear why you say there is no room. There is ample room. At the moment the door sticks 3 feet out into the interior and does not clear the 6 feet wall on the other side - it hangs 3 feet within the wall. Also the depth of cut function is not changeable to be sure it does cut through. Am I missing something here?

Hi @james.churchill,

I think you can see it more clearly creating the object in Rhino, as you see, when I have that option in the door style enabled it makes no sense to change the alignment because the frame is already occupying all the wall thickness. However, if I disable that option in the door style, the frame depth is not addapting to the wall thickness and I can align the frame to the wall.

Just to make it clear, the alignment option aligns the frame with the wall, not the leaf with the frame, is that what you are looking for? What is the final result you need? Could you show me an example?


Alfonso, thank you for your video, but if you see my code and my image above, the door and the leaf it sitting outside of the frame of the wall entirely… working with VA in Rhino is different to Grasshopper because there seems to be little way of altering it.

I think this must be a bug with GH, because when I bake it, it then sits within the wall fyi

Hi @james.churchill,

Wall-door intersection is not solved in Grasshopper, it is solved in Rhino, that is why in Grasshopper the door is not completely inserted in the wall. If you want to have the door sitted outside the frame, you can apply an “alignment offset” value in Rhino or Grasshopper: