Exporting animation from a slicer component in grasshopper

Hi everyone! If anyone is familiar with animating geometries in grasshopper and/or rhino i would appreciate some help. I need to do an animated .gif of the section plane in the file below. In the animation, the slicer in the grasshopper file will cut through the mesh in a certain speed, and at the same time the section curves will appear above the mesh like in the screenshot below. I put a timer in the slicer and it looks fine on screen but how i can export that in a file?
Thanks in advance for your replies!


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OH!!! 35+ MBytes??? “Failed - Network error” - WAY TOO BIG

The usual procedure is to drive the animation with a slider, then right-click that slider and click “Animate…”.

i saw that in other threads but i cant figure out how to use a slider in my case…because the component needs a timer not a slider

Change that!

To get help with your code you’ll have to isolate a smaller version of the geometry/file so we can see it.

Here’s a simple example to play with:

animate_2020Dec14a.gh (12.4 KB)


animate_2020Dec14b.gh (14.8 KB)

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thank you so much!