Grasshopper Plugin Recommendations - Animate Script and Export to CSV


I have two questions for recommendations of plugins for the following things :slight_smile:

  1. ability to export data to a .csv, with headers. I.e., if I have lists of data outputting from GH, a simple component to export that. I see tons of options in Food4rhino, but not sure which is best?

  2. I currently have a simple c# component I wrote to batch run/animate a slider, to be able to run an energy simulation with hundreds of different iterations for a few inputs. The issue is that it just seems to run forever - even if I have the slider to only do 20 iterations, and when I press run it says “20” but then seems to just loop and run and run, furthermore, once it starts, I cannot stop it unless I shut rhino down - it all freezes up if I try to press the button to cancel (either boolean toggle or button). So, are there any good addons to this, or is there a way to modify my own written component? It is attached.

What I want to be able to do is press run, have it run through x amount of iterations, and output the values for each iteration to a .csv so I can analyze further.

Thanks! (6.6 KB)