Grasshopper - Simplify Curve

Am a bit confused…
I want to try the “Simplify Curve” component but it looks like it gives me random True.
See below.
Any hints?

works as expected. the true value means your curve was simplified successfully. the curve output is the simplified curve

Thanks, Adel,
what do you mean by “Simplified”?
It has the same number of segments, vertices and identical curve lengths.

can you make a gh file with only the curve in question (internalized) passed onto a simplifiy battery and upload that?

The curve in question is a simple rectangle, created straight in GH. (10.3 KB)

i think you’re misunderstanding what simplify does.
it simply checks if there are segments in the curve that look like a line or arch and replaces those with true lines and arcs

below is a 3 degree curve that is equivalent to a line - hence linear curve. simplify converts that to a line - hence line-like curve

if you explain what your desired outcome is, maybe we can suggest a solution