Simplifying definition - many lines to work with (85.4 KB)

I’ve attached my gh definition - I have many lines i’m working with so the definition repeats itself several times. Is it possible to group the lines or simplify it so it doesn’t repeat so often?


Could I further develop the definition so that I can extract the isocurves from a particular surface and then those lines become sorted and are used to continue with the process I’ve already developed (shown in the gh file attached)?

More specific into the definition - I’m also trying to figure out how to move my midpoints of each line perpendicular to that line rather than just in the z direction to create consistently deep archs. Any suggestions would help.



You can see as I move the midpoints in the Z direction, the depth of the arch is not the same as the angles change.

You can definitely simplify that, can you do me a favor and do the following on your script

internalize the curves you have by rightclicking on the curve-component, then upload the script again.

Just then I can see what kind of curves you use and what the result should look like on my machine. I’ll look into it in a couple of hours, I need to sleep right now. (95.9 KB)

Ah, sorry, maybe this will help.