{BUG/ERROR without warning} Curve boolean + Region Difference


I am dealing with a Curve Boolean problem that is also faulty in grasshopper via RegionDifference.

I have 48 ‘complex’ curves that I’m performing the same operation to. One of them, however, fails with no error/reason/warning.

The curves are on the same plane:

When I run the manual (CurveBoolean) operation, results disappear:

The command bar doesn’t say anything about it.

Meanwhile, in grasshopper via Region Difference:

I attempted ‘SimplifyCurve’ - “no curves were simiplified”.

Is this a bug to be logged or is there a reason?

The other 47 curve pairs work without an issue.

Here are the curves:
curvesbug.3dm (163.5 KB)

I am running the latest version.

As always, thank you for your support.


Hi RC - the larger curve has some self intersections. (IntersectSelf command).


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Thanks Pascal! I suspected that and you’re correct. I couldn’t determine it earlier.

While on R8 8.3, I ran the SelSelfIntersectingCrv command and nothing got selected. Then I updated to R8 8.4 (SR candidate), and both commands work.

Thank you - I’ll give it a try in GH following this update and notify.


Hey Pascal, just reporting back - you pointed out the issue, so I mistakenly thought it was a bug. While working with a bunch of these curves, I did not zoom into all of them as I should have to figure that out, so thanks. Furthermore, the SelSelfIntersectingCrv command wasn’t working and now it does. The strange thing is that I actually found more self-intersections, which were being ignored by RegionDifference :thinking: - anyway, things back to normal now. Thanks again.