Simplify curves

I just spent half a day trying to make a definition that would replace multiple lines that could be replaced with a single one. As well as replace large arcs with straight lines. As I started typing this I found “Simplify Curve” which did it in one step. I kind of want to throw up a little. :face_vomiting:

I’m still gonna post this here because I still think learning what I was trying to do would be helpful for me. In my definition, I am trying to join some lines but not all of them. Basically I want to join {0,0} with {1,0} or {0,0} with {1,0} and {2,0} AND {0,1} with {1,1} etc But I don’t want to join all of them.

I can’t figure out how to do this with the command. I can get it to work with one curve, if there are only two segments that need to be join (i, i+1) but I have to graft before the join and then when I try to do multiple curves at the same time it doesn’t work. Also, it doesn’t work if there are 3 line segments that need to be joined.

My knowledge of graft, merge, path mapper, etc is a little weak and I’m guessing this is what I need to understand better. (25.6 KB)

Hey, you have not internalised your curve(s). (29.5 KB)

I am not quite sure what your task is, but if it is to join colinear segments only, this might be a solution…or at least may help to get where you aim to… (16.7 KB)

That works well and is a different way of doing it, but my jig parts regularly have a lot of arcs or splines so I don’t think that solution will work for my application.

May you try with tangent angles at start of the segments?