Grasshopper SDK for Mac


(Dimi Christop) #1

I understand that Rhino 5.4.1 is the latest Mac release of Rhino.
I would be interested in creating components for Mac/Rhino/Grasshopper.
Does the 5.4.1 mac Rhino support the Grasshopper and RhinoCommon SDK using Xamarin as detailed in the Tutorials for Rhino6?


(Philip) #2

Hi Dimi. I’ve been used Visual Studio for MacOS (a port/update of Xamarin iirc) and can confirm that developing/compiling Grasshopper plugins at least works properly.

(Dimi Christop) #3

in the mean while i have done my own tests.
Yes grasshopper Components seem to work although the template seems broken.
I dont know how you found your way around that.

The problem I have now is that I cant create a Rhino Plugin that references the Grasshopper plugin.
See for more detail at this thread. AS soon as I add to the McOS Visual Studio the Grasshopper dll the Rhino Pluign stops working.