Access Grasshopper Through RhinoPlugin

My goal was to access using a Rhino plugin the grasshopper plugin to se some states. I use Rhino Mac (latest)
dynamic gh = RhinoApp.GetPlugInObject(“Grasshopper”);

I experience some strange behaviour and I don’t know if this is related tho this thread.
The strange thing now is that if i create a Rhino plugin from the template and add manually the grasshopper.dll from the location described in this thread (Access Grasshopper) the Rhino Plugin command is not recognized anymore in the command line of Rhino. As soon as i uncheck the the Grasshopper.dll the plugin command is found again. This is very strange as on windows i could access grasshopper from a Rhino plugin. How do i know if the Rhino plugin is loaded? Is there anything preventing the Rhino plugin form registering if I add the Grasshopper.dll (even without code).
I use MacOS and Visual Studio for mac, I had to resolve to the above thread to get the template create a Grasshopper plugin.


Hi any input for this, i am still stuck, and had to move to another project in the meanwhile.