Integrate grasshopper floating window in rhino properties panel?

Hi , is it possible to integrate grasshopper floating window in rhino properties panel (F3) so to move all together ?

Not at the moment. I’m also not sure we’ll ever do that. What I would like to try is create a viewport display mode which shows the grasshopper canvas. But that too is a long term goal.


There is however the RCP (Remote Control Panel) in Rhino where you can control some (not all) user input elements like buttons and sliders from Rhino. Maybe that helps you out. I am still hoping it will get improved at some point to at least add dropdown lists and maybe use some more standard UI elements.

Just right-click on a slider and click on Publish to RCP. Then in Rhino activate the RCP Panel.

Update: Just noticed in your screenshot you already have the RCP Panel open. I am assuming you want the GH panel there to be able to right-click and set something from Rhino.

You can actually do that only using the RCP. Just use the “Object by selection” component from the Human plugin and then you can set the geometry without having to open GH.

As you can see the RCP’s UI elements are tiny and weird, so in the end I have never ended up using it properly even though I tried many times. Everything is just too small and inintuitive - buttons don’t look like buttons, sliders are weird and you cant enter values by hand, dropdowns don’t work, etc.

@DavidRutten I know I have asked before, but is there an update planned for RCP at some point? (4.3 KB)


that will be handy as well