How to get the GH Side window


For my study we should use Grasshopper and Rhino. Most of us run windows but I am running on a mac. I have installed the rhino wip and parallels with the windows rhino. Everything is sort of behaving the same way except the grasshopper window on the right side

How can I get that view in the mac wip?

Thanks in advance,

Fabian de Leede

Grasshopper on Rhino for Mac is still a work in progress with many features still remaining to be ported. The Remote Control Panel is one of these features and is already on our todo list. Thanks!

Thanks for the fast reply! When is the remote control panel expected?

People using developments that are in ‘Work In Progress’ should not expect a date for feature releases. When developments move to a BETA phase we usually announce a date when users can expect a release and the features which will be included.

I can add some information regarding the potential issues related to the Remote Control Panel:

  1. Rhino for Mac has a different paradigm from the Windows version regarding panels. Since the remote control panel resides in a Rhino panel, some development must be done in Rhino for Mac to accept such a dialog.
  2. Grasshopper on Mac currently has 63 open issues (including the Remote Control Panel). Some of these issues might be more important than implementing the Remote Control Panel, so those might appear first.

I recommend to keep checking back to see how the development is going. If you find other features missing or not working correctly, please let us know and we can add it to the ToDo list.

I don’t think this is a GH for Mac question. It sounds like Fabian is using parallels.

I read it that he compairs Rhino for Windows on parallels with the WIP for Rhino for Mac. I could be wrong :wink:

ah; I think you’re right