Grasshopper reacting very slow


I am working in Grasshopper at the moment, but connecting components and drag wires gives a lot of Lag and frame drops inside of Grasshopper. Is there a solution for this? I have 16GB RAM, but the videocard on my laptop isn’t quite the best one out there. Its an Nvidia Quadro M1200.

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If your file is huge, the delays you’re seeing may be due to auto-saving. Is the file more than a couple dozen kB?

\yes, its 8.6k kilobytes at the moment. I have disabled the auto save and its work a little faster now but everytime i open my file i get the following message:

That’s not big, unless it’s autosaving to a volume with an atrocious data transfer rate that should go unnoticed.

I’m going to need that file if I’m to figure out what’s wrong.

Can i send it by private message?