Slowness in Grasshopper for Mac

Hi everyone,

I have Solver disabled, I also disabled all of the autosave options in Preferences, however it appears that every few minutes there is still some autosaving occurring on the Mac. Moving wires, cutting pasting, and just general moving around the definition still ends up with a beachball every couple of minutes.

Since GH is not doing any calculations with Solver turned off, and with autosave turned off, does anyone have any ideas if there are other processes slowing down Grasshopper?

Thanks in advance!

What are your system specs? How big is your display? Are you on Apple Silicon? What does the Grasshopper file look like? What does it do? How many components does it contain? Is it full of scribbles and groups?

Hello - thanks for responding!

Would disabling Solver and all Autosave options, not remove the variables of the size of your definition and the speed of your computer?

The TLDR version…
The file was very large, and full of Scribbles and Groups, I have since broken the file into multiple parts and am using Data Out and Data In components to bring elements together from different files.

However, since I split the file into three smaller definitions I am still having major issues with working due to something happening behind the scenes on a regular basis.

I would have thought that disabling the Solver and all of the Autosave features would take away the variables of how big your file is, or your computer specs, and allow one to work quickly and efficiently and then turn on Solver when needed. Then I would understand that your system specs and size of file would determine how long it took to calculate your solution.

However, I am suspicious that something else is going on due to the appearance of the beachball every couple of minutes. Working with Solver off is still super slow.

I am only using the Mac display, and have an older Macbook Pro not Silicon M1.

Thanks again!