Grasshopper preview visible in Rhino after closing GH window?

Hi @Dan, @curtisw, and everybody else,

In Rhino for Mac 5, there was a super useful feature, where you could minimise the Grasshopper window and the GH geometry preview in Rhino would stay active.
However when you closed the Grasshopper window with the top left X-button of the UI, the GH preview would disappear from Rhino (without entirely closing GH).

This was neat, since you could quickly hide the Grasshopper preview, to work in Rhino, without having to hide and unhide individual components all the time.

Unfortunately, this seems to have changed in Rhino for Mac 6 (6.17.19218.01052)?
When I close the Grasshopper window, the preview remains in the Rhino scene, as when Grasshopper is minimised.

Any chance you could bring something similar back?