GH Component was build against a newer minor version

Hi everybody,

I have coded a GH Component and it is working fine in my computer. The problem is that in some others I get
even if Rhino is fully updated.
How do I solve this problem?


6.9 is still in release candidate stage, not a full service release just yet. That hopefully happens in the coming 24-48 hours or so (unless something dramatic is found). Until the 6.8 is the latetst available service release.

While working on plug-ins it is generally advisable to stay with the oldest possible release to build against. Obviously if something crucial to your plug-in gets fixed in a newer SR you should update. It just means that that then will be the new minimum requirement for your plug-in.

I understand… so how can I get the older GH extensions for VS2017?

The comment by @jesterking was meant for the developers of the Mindesk plug-in. You can download the Service Release Candidate if you want to use SR9 now. The option is in the Updates and Statistics tab under _Options.



Giulio Piacentino
for Robert McNeel & Associates

Ok thanks! after the update it works.

However, just to feel safer, is it possible to get somewhere an older version of the Grasshopper SDK? (I have downloaded the extension for VS2017)

You can swap the reference from the Grasshopper.dll you use to the one on Nuget:



Giulio Piacentino
for Robert McNeel & Associates


thanks for your reply! However it seems that it has been updated even on nuget. Is there another way to get an older version?


@gennaro, I am sorry for the late reply. I do not know how to help… exactly, what type of error are you getting? Nuget is something @will has more knowledge than me about.

Hey @gennaro, all versions are available for the Grasshopper nuget package. You can specify the version of the package that you wish to install in Visual Studio. See this StackOverflow answer for more details. It’s always good to reference an earlier version if possible for the very reason that you’ve experienced (unless of course you rely on functionality or bug fixes only available in a later release).


Thanks!! it seems working!

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Hey @piac I have the same problem,but my Rhino7 version needs 7.4.21040.13001 which i found in NuGet has been unlist.what should I do? Should I install lower version of Rhino ?

@周蕴韬, you’re using a Rhino 7.4 service release candidate that is over a year old. Please update to the latest Rhino 7 service release (currently 7.17).

If there’s a reason that you need to run this old version of Rhino, please let us know so that we can address it!

Hello, I have the same problem, does it mean LAYBUG version does not match my Rhino 6.9 version

Please ask Ladybug questions here:

– Dale

thank you for replying!