Why grasshopper Player -doesn't Support groupObject For bake?!

why grasshopperPlayer -doesn’t Support groupObject For bake
What if this is a bug? I suggest adding this feature in later versions to separate the outputs

grasshopper player.gh (8.4 KB)

and @pascal - @DavidRutten @ Please, does this feature exist or will it be created in the future that the input object to the grasshopperplayer script is deleted at the end of the algorithm and the new baked object is replaced (if needed) and that
Is this currently possible through the c #, … script?
And if so, please add this feature in the next updates
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Hi -

Thanks, I’ve added this feature request as item RH-60307.
It’s not surprising that this currently doesn’t work - Grasshopper itself can’t extract a BRep from a group:

We have that feature request on the list as RH-60296.


@wim thanks and I think it would be great and useful if bake "dimention "and “block” could be provided

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I agree on ‘baking dimention’ bro. and also need to bake with colour!

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really hope these two make it to the Service Release soon!