Grasshopper Player (custom tools & wish list)

thnx! I thought about it a bit & choices that came to mind were overlay (sort of video game style) and custom linear one (which I did). I’d imagine the overlay would be messy with all the geo behind. kind of why I went with custom location ‘flat’ panels :grinning:

baking test :wink:


Absolutely! It’s great work and truly thought provoking stuff.

In your ~80 custom tools work, you show each tool working mostly in isolation from a given part. It’s a very clear explanation. Then later, in the subsequent videos, where you show custom widgets, each operates on an isolated surface.

What has got my brain butter melting is trying to imagine if two parts were interrelated in some way - say interlocking - but each sub-part wanted to expose a custom interface nearby or on the geometry itself.

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ohhh that’s a really cool idea! gonna have to give that a try :thinking: :sweat_smile:

Please do! I’d be very curious to see what you come up with or what - in Rhino - might prevent you from doing it how you’d like it to be done (if that makes any sense).

Another open question - perhaps easier to solve - is how you would envision a more Grasshopper
“savvy” user getting access to the graph that drives the custom tool. I imagine this is more of an edge-case, but what I’m curious about here is what you would envision the UX/UI to be when a user wants to drill-down deeper and see the underlying programming behind one of your more abstracted interfaces.

a lot of cool things to think about ; )
(btw, these are technically not that crazy, most users in this forum can whip 1 of these up in minutes :sweat_smile: ) it’s the idea & the esthetics that I like exploring!

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i’m not familiar with the Kangaroo aspect of it, would you mind posting a simple definition? These look fun.

Yes, but leave it to us developers to completely miss the idea and the aesthetics when getting mired down in details :laughing:

Don’t downplay this. Your use of Kangaroo here is interesting.

Very cool Yelen! I :blue_heart: to see you working on this.

I tried some time ago using DisplayConduit and MouseCallback, but instead of trying to present sliders outside the model, I focused on 3d as close to the object operation as with the longest on-screen length and as automatic as possible, over well known procedural models. I put it aside because it was not a priority for me, but I love these widgets and I will come back to this again some day.

Definitely keep exploring in 2d for external/global inputs, it can be a interesting plugin.

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:laughing: the dev’s def are the stars of rhino! (quite an amazing software… that’s why I switched from modo some time ago ; )

it’s quite a simple process actually. you track a point along a path & calculate the distance to remap it to what you want:


Nice work @yelenaye !

This conversation inspired me to try out some GHPlayer push-pull editing.
It’s pretty janky, and only for Breps of all planar surfaces but some of the operations that work and still output a closed solid surprised me.

Here’s a version that makes a mesh and one that makes a Brep. (19.1 KB) (15.5 KB)
The Mesh version is much faster - it could be nice if there was some way to keep it in mesh mode for preview while the command is running, and only switch to brep for the final baking - I couldn’t see an easy way to do this.
(also the curve self-intersection processing for the mesh version isn’t as nice, so pushing things from convex to concave sometimes gives wrong results)
It would also be good to figure out a way for input geometry to be automatically hidden (in the video above I’m turning off the layer after selecting it).


that’s really cool! (a bit of sketchup flavor)

had to do that with 1 of my voronoi tools. you could delete it once it’s been referenced? (had to hack that for some of the tools)

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What would the copy option do? I could make a copy of the geometry in the document, but I don’t understand why you would want this.

I’ll try to get this added soon

Do you want a single group that all geometry would be baked to?

I have defaults hooked up when the input is set to “At Most” of 1. Do you also want this for when a list can be input?

How do you envision this being done? It is already possible to have a script in your definition that deletes input geometry from the RhinoDoc, but I would have to imagine there is a nicer approach to this.

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it was mostly to reference edges on a brep (saves you a step of DupEdge)

yes! that’d would be great!

another ‘yes’

yep, posted that before I found that ‘script’ (so no rush on that :sweat_smile:)
Thank you!

I think I just fixed that in the last few days. Brep edges should work in Rhino 7.5 as inputs when working with the “Get Geometry” component.

just tested it (don’t think it grabs edges only yet), unless I’m missing something :thinking:
edit: oops still in 7.4
will test in 7.5

7.5 hasn’t been released yet. We are still on release candidates for 7.4

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sounds like you were already on it back then Dani :smile:
did you post any progress/examples?

No. I looked up what I had and found this proof of concept by 2016 in GH using VB, creating a slider in Rhino that controls a GH slider.

I have like three VS projects about this topic, one called Spherical Slider :sweat_smile: I’ll take a look because I don’t really remember.