[Grasshopper / Octopus] How to stop data before Octopus gets it?

Hi guys,

Have you ever come across a problem to dam a data for a while?
Sure, there are many ways to do it, but have you found one that does not interfere with Octopus?

I am trying to optimize a rig of a sailboat.
Most of things I calculate within GH (have equations for that) - it goes fast.
But for establishing forces in some wires I have to use Karamba, which need ~second to perform the calculations. The problem is that the mass of wires calculated in Karamba arrive later to the sum and Octopus takes into account incomplete sum of masses.

I tried native GH’s dam, Anemone’s delay component, writing my own C# component, IF expressions or summing by expression, but last two produse before the real value, which Octopus happily takes and move the slider further.


Anyone has solved that or something similar?
Cheers :slight_smile:,

Actually, when posting I found that the issue might be even deeper :frowning:
After disconecting the masses calculated with Karamba Octopus runs,
but it turns out it still not always wait for all masses.

One time he wait till all three masses are calculated, another time only one/two, sometimes even does not wait and takes a “null” as result. Do you know what might be the reason? :pensive:

Sure, that because of mass addition component he does not “know” when all the masses are calculated, but if I sum them by expression it will produce “null” at the begining, which Octopus will take also as a result…