Karamba and Octopus (Karamba may be causing octopus to crash?)


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The following is a cross post with the karamba forum:
Hi all,

Hope everything is going good for you today! I’ve got a little problem I wouldn’t mind some help with (most likely a karamba staff job!)

The issue

I’m having a bit of an issue with karamba and octopus - with karamba causing octopus to crash when running (I believe).

I happen to have visual studio installed; and it reports the following error once it crashes:

“Unhandled exception at 0x00007FF9ADB520B0 (karamba.dll) in Rhino.exe: Fatal program exit requested. occurred”

Attached is the definition file with baked geometry if this helps.
01_Singleblock_Baked.gh (128.6 KB)
I am currently running Rhino 6 with the latest karamba build.


I aim to create a parametric bridge model - optimising weight and deflection (structural) as well as proximity of 3 movable loads (architectural). The geometry creation is a bit complicated, however I do not think this can ever fail; as I have stress tested this.

The setup for octopus is as follows:

  • Inputs (for octopus and the parametric model)
  • Geom. creation (parametric model)
  • Karamba analysis
  • Outputs (one is non-karamba, the other two are karamba based)

After an arbitrary number of phenotypes generated (usually around 200), Rhino quits constantly.

I have double checked the following:

  • Octopus can run with just the inputs (a fake output is created to allow for octopus to run). It does not crash here.
  • Octopus can run with the inputs and the non-karamba outputs. It does not crash here
  • Octopus cannot run with the inputs and the karamba outputs. It crashes here
  • Octopus cannot run with the inputs and all outputs. It crashes here

I have also checked the following:

  • Geometry generation is built ruggedly (by setting parameter limits appropriately & testing extreme scenarios)
  • Octopus never receives any value to make it quit (see if statement at the end of karamba parameters)

Any help is appreciated, as I’m currently on a deadline for my thesis on this!



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