Octopus <> Karamba3D interaction


I am having problem with interaction of Octopus & Karamba3D.
Karamba is used in my definition to give the normal forces in the transverse wires - geometry presented below (the mast, which is solved in another way).


Basing on the forces value an adequate wire size (diameter) is choosen.
Then masses of wires are being calculated.
Loads (forces) on longitudinal wires are calculated without Karamba.

The problem is when choosing transverse wires’ mass minimization as a criteria,
the Octopus doesn’t get any results - is changing the sliders (genes) too fast for Karamba to calculate the forces (both nulls are for shrouds calcualted with Karamba).


When minimization of a e.g. longitudinal wires’ mass (calculated without Karamba) is taken as a criteria Octopus works fine.

Which suggests that the problem is in interaction of two plug-ins.

Any ideas how to avoid that problem?


Below some screenshots of definition part with Karamba:

Despite the ‘orange warning’ the values are correct (double checked with other software).