Visualarq - grasshopper style not showing

Hello, I created a visual arq door type in grasshopper and when I load it into my door styles, I can’t place it in a wall. It is not visible. It’s as if the geometry is not registered in the style.

I am not sure what is going on, my first iteration with less detail works fine.

please see attachments for both grasshopper scripts.

DOOR PARAMETRY - less (29.2 KB) DOOR PARAMETRY-005 - one that doesnt (63.9 KB)

Hello @jrpdoherty ,
Your definition seems correct. We will investigate why the door style can’t be created from it and get back to you as we know more.

Hello @fsalla,

Thank you for looking into it. Let me know if you need any further information.

ps. could it be because my script is based off planes taken from a pointcloud I didnt internalize into the script?

Thank you,
Joey Doherty

hi @fsalla

that is exactly why its not working.

all points and references from outside grasshopper need to be internalized within the file for the script to run properly?


Hi @jrpdoherty, I’m not sure if this is the problem, since if those points weren’t internalized, I’d not see anything from the gh file preview. We will keep on investigating this case…

Hi @jrpdoherty, I suspect that error is related to some components from third party plug-ins that are being used in that definition, which VisualARQ might not be reading properly.
When I open it, I get the warning message saying these components are missing. If I save the gh file without these components and create a new door style from it, I see the geomerty properly.
Can you check that if it works fine in your case?

Hi @jrpdoherty I get back to you regarding this issue, since I believe your GH file should work fine to create a VisualARQ GH style today if you have the corresponding add-ons used in the GH definition.

Yes, lists of referenced objects need to be internalized into a “Data” parameter, otherwise VisualARQ can’t read them.
Please let me know if you can try this out again and still have some issues.