Make2D: Which curves came from which objects


I see that the make2d component just outputs all curves from all objects in a single list…
Is there any way to sort the curves based on the objects that generated them? (without the input being grafted of course)


The Vi output shows the index of the source object.

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Yes, thank you!

I notice that the output doesn’t match what i see in the “Perspective” view in Rhino. The objects are cut.

Also, if the view is in Rendered mode the objects don’t get green as they do in Wireframe mode.

Here’s the sorting part:

If you press F5 and then run the Make2D again without panning or zooming or rotating the viewport, is it still clipped?

Also if you set the C input of the M2D Rhino component to false, does it still clip?

Ok, so I see that the M2D Rhino is not updating live, so the make2d result could be from a previous camera position. Pressing F5 will update the camera so the geometry is not clipped anymore.

Changing the C input True/False will also update the camera.

Thank you!