Grasshopper Mac – scroll wheel zoom direction

I’d like to request that Grasshopper respects the behaviour of the scroll wheel in Rhino.

In Rhino, pushing the scroll wheel away zooms in. In Grasshopper, pushing the scroll wheel away zooms out.

I couldn’t find an option in the preferences of Grasshopper.


in System Preferences -> Mouse, do you have “Scroll direction : Natural” enabled?

because for me, i don’t have that preference selected and grasshopper zooms out when i roll the wheel towards me. (or, opposite of what you’re saying)

that said, i see what you’re saying… regardless of system wide prefs, grasshopper navigation should probably mimic whatever setup the user has in Rhino (same goes for panning )

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Thanks @jeff_hammond! Unchecking “Scroll direction: Natural” means that Grasshopper now behaves as expected, zooming out when I roll the mouse towards me.

Obviously this now makes scrolling flip elsewhere, but I actually think I can get used to that.

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Actually, no, I can’t get used to this behaviour!

I’d love navigation to mimic Rhino.

This makes sense to me. I’ve added it to our TODO list (MR-2783). We’re going to have to be a little clever about this one, as Rhino doesn’t yet have a way to set this in an elegant way (see MR-1998).

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Superb, thanks for adding it to the list!