Reverse Zoom in Rhino for Mac

The way my mouse’s ‘scroll wheel’ zooms in Rhino for Mac is the opposite to how I am used to. Am I am able to reverse the scrolling in the OS but not have it change in my other apps?

Is there a setting in Rhino for Mac where I can reverse it?

At least on windows; Options > View > Zoom > Scale factor
Entering a number smaller than 1 will zoom one way, a number greater than 1 will zoom the other way.


Thanks :slight_smile:

@Seychellian did you get this to work?

I’m using a Magic Mouse, and want to flip the zoom direction, but altering the figure in the Zoom- Scale Factor box in the Preferences hasn’t changed anything.


Sorry all, I’ve solved it.

By changing Zoom factor to 1.1, it has flipped the direction. Thanks!


I am unable to reverse the zoom direction, even after switching between 0.9, 1.1, etc in the View> Zoom> Zoom Factor command. I have attempted various zoom factors and they don’t change the zoom direction at all. It appears the command does nothing.

I have just reinstalled Rhino 5.4 for Mac. This was working fine in my previous installation of v5.4.

Any suggestions please?

Try navigating to Rhinoceros > Preferences > View > Zoom > Scale factor. Change the scale factor there. Does that work?

Dan, thanks so much! Yes, that works perfectly. :sweat_smile:

This works but what if you want to leave the zoom behaviour for trackpad as it is and only switch the behaviour for a mouse?

Currently I’m using Scroll Reverser. It works beautifully for almost every app at allowing individual control for trackpad and mouse. For some reason, Rhino is unaffected by Scroll Reverser. Most confusing.

At least using the Scale Factor settings, I can get the mouse working correctly it just results in zooming with the trackpad being weird.

I presume there is a good reason that Rhino doesn’t follow system wide settings for mouse / trackpad inputs?

Hi Robin-

I’m sorry, I’m not 100% sure I’m following you. I don’t use Scroll Reverser, so I really have no idea what or - more importantly - how it is doing what it is doing.

I presume there is a good reason that Rhino doesn’t follow system wide settings for mouse / trackpad inputs?

Perhaps I could better understand by asking for more precision on this. What leads you to believe Rhino for Mac is not following system preferences for the mouse or the trackpad?

Hi Dan

I purposely didn’t use ‘System preferences’ and instead referred to ‘system wide’ to differentiate.

Rhino does follow the system preferences. It is that it is the only app that Scroll Reverser doesn’t work with that seems strange to me. It works with all of apples apps, it works with Affinity apps, it works with parallels and therefore windows apps running in emulation.

I think this is something that would be much better if Apple dealt with it as a system preference setting, but in absence of that, scroll reverser is the only way I have found to choose one scroll / zoom behaviour on trackpad and the opposite for a mouse scroll wheel.

Maybe this is something you could deal with entirely within Rhino, but it would seem unnessecary if it just complied with the settings from Scroll Reverser.

I don’t know how scroll reverser works, but it does and I find it peculiar that the only app I’ve found that doesn’t work is Rhino.


(I apologize. I’m still confused.)

When I talk about System Preferences, I’m talking about that found in /Applications/System Is that what you are talking about?

What are you referring to when you talk about “system wide” preferences?


I do know where system preferences are, thank you.

I’m referring to ‘system wide settings’ ie those controlled by Scroll Reverser. I appreciate this may not be 100% correct but I didn’t know how else to describe what I was talking about. It seems to have side tracked solving the actual issue though.


Sorry, I don’t know what those are on macOS.

Gosh, I’m not a programmer, I’m describing a problem and you’re getting hung up on semantics rather than engaging with the actual problem?

I’m not saying ‘system wide settings’ are a specific thing, I’m using it as a collection of words to describe a behaviour as observed by me, a user.

Can’t we discuss the actual issue rather than you trying to outsmart me on correct or incorrect use of technical terms?! I’m not sure what you’re trying to achieve with this approach?


Hi Robin-

I fear I’m not expressing myself well.

I’m sorry, I’m really not trying to get hung up on technical terms or outsmart you. I apologize that it feels that way; that was not my intention. I’m really just trying - and clearly failing - to understand the problem.

Since I cannot seem to understand the problem, I’m probably not going to be very helpful finding a solution. Perhaps @marlin will have an easier time understanding what you are getting at.


Hi Dan

Appreciate you getting back to me. I’m sorry, if I’m not explaining things well enough and it seems I got the wrong end of the stick with your questions.

Maybe I’ll start explaining again and start with what I want to achieve.

Apple has a setting for scroll direction. Natural and I guess ‘un-natural’ (I can’t recall right now what the terminology is they use).

Natural, makes sense on a trackpad; it mimics the way an iOS device works and is easy to make the mental ‘leap’ to using that way.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t make sense with a scroll wheel, especially when using it to zoom in and out in a 3D app like Rhino.

What I want is to split the setting so that the trackpad uses ‘natural’ setting and fhe scroll wheel of a mouse uses the opposite.

This is easily achieved with scroll reverser. It allows one setting for trackpad and another for scroll wheel. Great, problem sorted. Or at least, it is sorted for every app except Rhino.

For some reason Rhino doesn’t follow the settings from Scroll Reverser (what I was referring to as a ‘system wide setting’ because it works system wide).

What I am querying is what does Rhino do differently to every other app that means it doesn’t follow the scroll reverser settings?

Can a similar setting ‘split’ be provided directly within Rhino?


The most frustrating part of this feature is that the grasshopper cavas zooms the opposite direction of the rhino viewport if natural scroll direction is selected. The only way that I can get them to behave the same is by turning off natural scroll direction entirely. Guess I’ll just have to get used to it for everything else…

This is endlessly frustrating for me too, and has been for a long, long time. Rhino should respect the Mac setting for “natural” scroll direction, period. It doesn’t.

Amusingly, Grasshopper does! Except that Grasshopper also seems to respect the Rhino setting…so that if I reverse it in Rhino by setting zoom factor to 1.1 (to match my Mac settings), then Grasshopper also reverses…now it’s the reverse of the Mac setting! Arggh.

Alas, this has been an issue since 2016 or earlier! (See and Please, oh please, can someone fix it?

Having to change my preferred scroll direction for everything on my computer is not a solution.

There is a workaround: see here

It’s not a fix, alas, but if you set the zoom factor negative (-1.1) in Rhino, then both Rhino and Grasshopper behave as if they are respecting the Mas system setting. Of course, they still aren’t, but in the meantime this will “fix” the issue.