WISH: Reverse Scroll Wheel Option


@Marlin: A nice feature would be to add a preference that allows reverse scroll wheel behavior.

From a UI/UX perspective, when the wheel is pulled toward the operator, the objects would get closer; while pushing away, the model would get further away.

While a number of Mac programs work this way, Rhino behaves inversely. Sure one can eventually get used to this, but when switching between programs it’s a bit of an annoyance. An option to reverse the scroll wheel behavior would be one of those subtle and very nice capabilities, appreciated probably by a few—especially newcomers.

FWIW, I’ve tried SmartScroll to reverse the scroll wheel behavior; however, there is a brief moment where the opposite of the desired zoom happens (if you want to zoom in by pulling, it momentarily zooms out, then in). Any other known workarounds?



Hi Dave, in the windows version you can reverse the scroll weel by entering a negative value value larger than 1 under

Rhino Options / View / Zoom / Scale factor

not shure if this applies on mac but maybe worth a try.



Neat trick, that I wasn’t aware of—thanks!

Unfortunately, this doesn’t have any effect in MacRhino.



Rhinoceros-> Preferences-> View

change the zoom to 1.1
that would drive me nuts but have at it :smile:





Yeah sorry, i´ve corrected my post above. It works the same under windows by using a value larger than 1 :sunny: