Hexagonal Pavilion by UNstudio

Hello everybody, I was trying to create a hexagonal space frame like the first rendering, I offset the hexgrid and trying to link the list item points, however, the result wasn’t successful.
I wonder if I’m going on the right direction, please point me out if there is any improvment I can do.
Hex_from_srf.3dm (65.9 KB)
Hex_from_srf.gh (9.6 KB)

This is one way using Surface Morph.

HexagonPatternFaacade.gh (18.7 KB)


Thank you so much for your sharing. That’s really amazing you completed in such a clean and simple way.
I was trying a different way, first I made a UV grid and try to connect the points to make the pattern.

Then I tried to apply to a 3D surface, I offset the surface in order to get a 3D grid, but there’s always a gap between the surfaces.

I tried to connect the points but not able to flip the surfaces…

Attached my definition here for comment and suggestion, thank you!
Hex_from_crv.3dm (82.3 KB)
Hex_from_crv.gh (23.4 KB)

This could be another way. You can apply Surface Morph at the end of it.
Maybe, you can get some hint for your case of list management.

HexagonPatternFaacade_v2.gh (15.8 KB)

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thank you so much! it really works well!
I’m now trying to apply your v2 to a surface, but i got a problem getting the reference box…
any solution about this?

Try to provide XZ Plane instead of XY Plane to your Bounding Box 's “P” input.

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It should work as expected…


It works well! Thank you so much for all your help!