Lunchbox - non uniform hexagon cells grid

Hello everyone!

I’m trying to create a hexagonal pattern on an irregular surface and I’m using lunchbox’s hexagon cells component. However, in order to obtain the result I want, I need the values in the v direction to decrease along the surface. I’ve tried different things, but nothing seems to work. Does anyone have an idea on how to solve this?

Thank you!

Projecto (62.5 KB)
Projecto Tese.3dm (520.4 KB)

Hello. Could not understand much from your gh defenition. Adding some titles could help.
If I understand the final morph element has a u and v input.
you can use a simple math element to subtract from the v direction as you go. I do not see a need for lunchbox here but It is far from my forte. Good Luck. Noam

Could you upload 2d sketch showing existing and more or less desired result? If it is double curved geometry you would always get distortion. Once I tried first to subdivide srf using chebychev net and the transform that grid into hexagons but then hexagons has issues with edges