Grasshopper/ loft curves inline

Dear all,
I created a loft surface from 2 closed curves and it works fine as the image in the left.
However when points 1 to 7 are inline, I get as A while the result I want should be B.
Any help would be appreciated.
Thank you.

loft.3dm (27.3 KB) (8.0 KB)

Make lines from verts in A to verts in B. Loft those lines with lofts straight section option.

Or make sure both your polylines have the same amount of verts so the loft knows where to go.

One of your referenced curve is invalid due to the duplication of control points.
As @Michael_Pryor said, you’ll need to adjust the control point count of two curves, curve directions and curve seams… (18.4 KB)

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Thank you for your clear explanation, got it now :slight_smile: