Problems with curve continuity and normals in loft

Hello, I am trying to create a lofted surface from a line. I can’t manage to create 2 clean, closed curves and the result seems to consist of 2 surfaces with opposite normals. I guess this is a trivial matter but I don’t get what I’m doing wrong. Any help please?

test loft (90.3 KB)

With only your screenshot, I guess you could try to flatten your Join Curvesinputs.


It is the solution, however I’m surprised the output is a list and not a tree…

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This looks more complex than your post made it sound:

Finding the relevant part, I see much more complexity than needed.

loft (92.3 KB)

Yes, thank you. The rest of the loft is not clean yet but I guess I have to constrain it with guide lines

What do you mean by “not clean” and “constrain it with guide lines” ?

This is a simplified version to get the same result, which unfortunately is a polysurface (“Open Brep”) instead of a single surface. Not sure how to fix that…? :thinking:

loft (9.3 KB)


Here is a way to get a single surface:

loft (12.4 KB)


If you relocate your curve seams like this,(mind symmetry)you could get an untrimmed surface…

test loft (10.8 KB)


Great! Thanks all for the help :slight_smile: