Grasshopper lines on mesh


(airoaya) #1

hi, i made some mesh3
and i’d like to work with lines on mesh surface
More specifically, the lines in the attached photo …

it seems contoured lines and i dont know what to call these vertical lines.

anyone has idea how to extract lines?

(Tim Stark) #2

I‘m sure, where you found the second picture you will find the answer to your question.

(airoaya) #3

contoured one does not seem to be difficult. But How to make a vertical line?

Point charges from rising and falling points can be used, but I do not know how.

(Tim Stark) #4

I just can repeat me. Where you got the picture from? How this lines were created?

(airoaya) #5

05170 (21.6 KB)

and second one
Rheotomic_Surfaces (30.1 KB)