Mesh from field lines

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I’ve created this field line in grasshopper according and I’m exxperimenting for a work, I’ve already extruded lines but I would like to know if it’s possible to get this kind of organic modeling with the field lines, after ordering the lists (I guess)

this is what I have :

and what I’m looking to achieve , as I said I would guess it probably need some sorting of lines and randomizing their height ,lofting etc, but I couldn’t find the right method for it :

Also is there another to randomize lines height as this example, I’m only using graph mapper right now…

here are the files,both rhino and grasshopper :
rhino work field lines.3dm (4.9 MB)
work field (9.8 KB)

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you could look at that

and Rheotomic

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Thank you Laurent , always very helpful :slight_smile: I’m going to check those , thanks again and take care

I expect the model in your reference image was also produced with a fair bit of manual SubD modelling - ie use the field lines as guidance to create some mesh (such as selecting a subset of the extrusions you created and thickening them), then converting into SubD and pulling the control points around.

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Here’s a video tutorial that kinda shows how to handle a similar case than your first reference image.

HEY diff-arch thank you very much but my first picture is what I did by myself, it’s actually just extracting the lines , what I was looking for was mostly organic modeling like the second picture but I GUESS it’s not entierly doable in grasshopper

Oh sorry, I should have read more carefully. @DanielPiker is certainly right. The geometry in your second image is probably hand-modeled and heavily smoothed.
Are you at all familiar with programs like Maya, Blender, etc.?
If so, you could take your two-dimensional flow lines and model over them? If you want to stay in Rhino, I guess you could loft the curves and only do intricate connections by hand?

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I’m familiar with 3ds max however I do not master organic or polymodeling very much when it comes to stuff like these and it seems like in rihno it’s harder to do it but it’s okay I just keep seeing a lot of pictures like these but I guess those are just,as you said, converted to another application and not done in R+grh