Making a Tent / Complex Tensile Structure (Kangaroo)

Hi everyone!

This is my first post so I’ll do my best to keep my question as clear & concise as possible.

Background (feel free to skip)
I’ve been playing around for the first time with Grasshopper this week, specifically focusing on tensile structures. My end goal is to be able to create wireframe 3D Data in 3rd party CAD software, and ‘skin’ that structure when imported into Rhino with somewhat accurate physics, then (eventually) export that ‘skin’ as an accurate 2D net. I was doing pretty well following instructional videos and forum threads, so I quickly modeled a tent frame to try and ‘skin’ using what I have learned so far.

Key Problem:

  • Strange artifacts/clumping/misalignment of solved mesh (See below)

My Approach:

  • I started off by making sure that the roof struts would have the same number of points/vertices as the floor mesh does in that direction. I was hoping that this would keep the mesh super clean.

  • My major concern was that the roof struts would interfere with the base in terms of how the mesh wraps. To negate this, I eliminated the endpoints on the roof struts using cullindex.

Problem Diagnosis
The only problem I’m able to diagnose is where the mesh meets the roof. For some reason, my ‘closest point’ node is missing 4 mesh vertices for every roof strut…

That’s all I’m able to figure out though, and have no idea how to solve it yet. The other weird artifacts are beyond me, especially at the floor edge corners where the mesh should be taught but is hanging loose…

I’m also pretty sure this isn’t a matter of UV quantity/resolution, as there seems to be significant misalignment/mess even at this low poly count.

I’ll attach my project files below, and in the meantime will keep digging for answers. Any help & suggestions are greatly appreciated!

Tent_Test_1.3dm (97.0 KB) (14.6 KB)


Turns out the UV quantity is having an impact on my closest point node!

After ramping up the U count to 24, I can see that there are no longer 4 missing vertices for each roof strut:

This does make the overall mesh look much better, but there are still some problem areas:

I’m now pretty sure it’s something to do with how I am defining my ‘closest points’ - will keep researching

Things would be a lot easier if you use the same divisions and the same parameters on your arches like the attached instead of using Closest Point.

If you increase the division fr 4 to 8… (17.0 KB)


Dear Kim. I ask for help with the formation of a minimum surface between circles along the height of the surface. All my attempts to formulate a definition have failed. Circles are pipes on which an awning is stretched.
min_surf.3dm (7.9 MB)