Kangaroos (tent) problem

Hi, I am a beginner in Grasshopper.
I try to do the tent structure using kangaroo but the definition does not work.

I need to do the karamba3d and make analysis of the building structure later, so I need to build this tent in grasshopper. Could anyone help me to solve this problem? Thank you very much!

M&G Lab Grasshopper_3.3dm (3.6 MB) M&G Research Laboratory_1.gh (29.5 KB)

The end of your tent is difficult to achieve with a quad mesh. I created a triangular mesh that fit your truss and anchors. I like to create planar base meshes since they are easier to manipulate.

The meshes for the inner segments can be quad meshes. I did one of them as example.

The tension can be controlled on the boundary and inside edges. Finding the right values can be tricky.

This should get you started:

20_10_19_tent_mrtn.gh (524.2 KB) 20_10_19_tent_mrtn.3dm (221.9 KB)


Thanks for your reply! The definition is really nice…!!
I got a new problem.
I am trying to choose another curve to form the shape.
I selected a new curve and try to apply the definition, but it is not working.
Could you tell me which curve symbol is the starting point?
Thank you!

You need to be careful with replacing curves.

One is simply to sort the points. The other is for the anchor points on the floor and on the truss. You can see the pink lines on the screenshot . Those are the connections for the anchor points. The pink lines show where each anchor goes. From the topology mesh on XY to the relaxed mesh in space.

Thanks for your quick reply! I really really appreciate it!
I have tried it again but somehow not working…I still don’t know why.
Please find the attached new file.
Sorry for bothering you again.

20_10_19_tent_mrtn_new curve.gh (514.3 KB) 20_10_19_tent_mrtn_new.3dm (528.8 KB)

It doesn’t work like that.

You need to have a closed curve with the same number of segments like your mesh.

20_10_19_tent_mrtn_new curve.gh (514.3 KB)

20_10_19_tent_mrtn_new.3dm (402.2 KB)

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Sorry for the late reply.
I will try to finish the model according to your script.
Thank you so so much!

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