Grasshopper interface problem

Sorry if this is the wrong place for this question but I can’t find anyplace else to get help and I need newbie help.
I’m having a problem with Grasshopper components and the use of the mouse. In multiple places (e.g. documents, videos, help files, etc) I’m told that if I hover over a component’s input I’ll be able to RMB click to pop up a context menu to make changes. For example: for a “Divide” component I should be able to hover over “N” and RMB click to change the integer value from the default 10 to something else. Hovering shows the integer tooltip with “Count(N)” but RMB just makes that disappear and no context menu pops up. This is driving me nuts! I don’t want to have to add sliders for every input when I should simply be able to hardcode a value. Is there a setting I’m missing, is this a known problem, or is there a workaround?
BTW Rhino 5 SR 12, Grasshopper 0.9.0076.

Hi Steve - it should work - are you running straight Windows? (No VM Ware or similar) ?


Straight Windows 7 Enterprise at a small college. Just also figured out that I can’t get the context menu for the component itself (so I can rename it for example). For a “Circle” RMB produces a context menu for “P” and “C” but not for “R” or “Cir”.

Just thought of something else to try. Switched to my laptop (Windows 10, same Rhino, same Grasshopper) and it works. I get 4 context menus with 4 RMB clicks on a “Cir” component. Could it be a mouse driver issue?

Very unlikely. The problem here is that whatever is causing this is being silently swallowed so nobody ever gets to see an error message or crash report. Without this sort of information it becomes very difficult to track down the problem. Presumably the context menus that don’t work have something in common which causes an exception when the menu is populated or shown, but I can’t think of what that something might be.

Are you perhaps using a non-standard font for your Windows UI elements?

I didn’t actively change the font but I’m not sure if IT does something weird. I checked the fonts via Control Panel and it looks like all the text is “Segoe UI”.

Then I’m fresh out of ideas… I doubt we’ll get any closer without some sort of special build which doesn’t catch the errors and instead lets it fail so we can get a crash report. I’m not sure I can even get such a special version out any time soon, plus it would require you to test it on Rhino6 Beta, because the current codebase no longer works for Rhino5…


Let me know if I can help solve this somehow. I’m guessing that this is a rare circumstance so it might not be worth a lot of your effort. On the other hand, I’m left with having to implement workarounds (potentially NOT best practices) in trying to work with Grasshopper. I forgot to mention, if it makes any difference, that I have the full package including Bongo, Flamingo, and Penguin. I’ve also installed T-Splines. Maybe Rhino V6 will fix the problem. Any news on the roll out date?
Thanks for replying.


No, but if you own Rhino5 you can participate in the Rhino6 beta process (or Rhino WIP as we call it, it’s a continuous, versionless, Rhino beta from which new versions will sometimes be split off). Rhino6 ships with Grasshopper included by default.

Hi @SteveP ,

since you’ve moved on to Rhino6 now, can you open the attached file in GH and see if it does something?
It is supposed to show a menu in the top left corner of the canvas, but if there’s an error it will write the error messages to the output panel. (5.0 KB)


This is what I got.


That image didn’t come through, the url was mangled. Best usually not to mess with the text while the uploading is happening.


Got it!! Unfortunately I can’t re-upload the image as it was a temporary screen capture. However, what it did say was “Courier New does not support the type Regular” or something quite similar. So I downloaded Courier New Regular, installed it, restarted Rhino6, and bingo bango the troubles I listed in this thread are history!! Yeah!


Good to know. Still a bug somewhere though as missing fonts should fall back to non-missing ones. But glad you’re on your way now.