Cannot pan

Recently I started using Grashopper with Rhino6.
Sometimes, Grasshopper falls to a state that you cannot select any component, you cannot drag the canvas. Right-click menu also does not show up. But all the menus are working, for example you can recompute.
Is this something that happens to only me or is there anybody experiences the same issue?

can you add video or screenshots?
Is it possible there’s an fatal error on something in the canvas that has triggered this situation?

Could you add file to check if we also have the behavior

I’ve experienced the same issue from time to time. Couldn’t connect it to any specific action I took. The only thing helping is to quit & reopen. Running the latest Rhino & GH.

Is there a white fading border around the canvas when you’re in this state?

There is nothing that I can tell GH is in this state. Just, I cannot drag the canvas, nor click anything.
I searched a little bit and came across this post.

Yes, I’m using boolean buttons with Human components, though this issue is not 100% reproducible and I need to wait until this happens next time.

This happened again today, right after I clicked a Boolean button connected to Human Bake Geometry.
I clicked again the suspect button and mouse control is recovered.

Faced the same issue while using the button to run a gh python script. Thanks for posting the solution as well. Clicking the button again fixed it and brought the functionality back to normal.