Rhino 7 Click component in grasshopper Mac can't have access to the menu

When we try to connect a surface on grasshopper or other component we don’t have access to the menu.

What is the solution

We found the bug. We have 1 screen connected on a iMac Pro . Went we put grasshopper on the other screen we don’t have the menu when we click on the component. But if we put the grasshopper on the Mac screen everything work fine. ???

Hi -
I have put this issue on a developer’s list for further examination. Our bug-tracking system is mostly open to the public and you can follow any progress here: RH-64013
This thread is mentioned in that report and will be notified when the issue is fixed.
Thanks for reporting this.

UPDATE: This appears to have been fixed in the latest public 7.6 release candidate. Change your update frequency to “Release Candidate” and install the latest version.

Where do you get candidate release

I found it, Rhino- preference-general at the bottom of the menu