Grasshopper not seeing components

all components and plugins are not there when opening grasshopper? In RH5 every thing is still working?

in V5 and V6 WIP, in the Grasshopper canvass window:
File > Special Folders > Components folder:

Are they pointing to the same folder location?
If not, that might explain the difference.

Exact same folder.

Which specific components are not showing up in V6 WIP?

actually, all of them. The params tab on down are all empty?

Can you take a screenshot to show what you’re seeing please?
I’m still trying to understand the issue.

Please run the _GrasshopperDeveloperSettings command, click on the button called ‘Valid Folders’ and upload a screenshot of the list it shows:

I’d also like to know if there are any messages send to the command history while Grasshopper loads. You can inspect this using the _CommandHistory command just after the _Grasshopper commands completes. Although based on your screenshot this will probably yield nothing.

Finally, can you create new components by double-clicking on the canvas and typing the name of some component? Or, if you have gh files, can you open them? (don’t save them again if they don’t open correctly!)

CH Command yields:
Loading Rhino Render, version 1.50, Jan 31 2017, 13:20:06
Command: _Open
Name of the file to open ( UpdatePromptUpdateBlocks=Yes Browse ): “C:\Users\musters\Dropbox\paulus\grasshopper\dropbox\robot\pen_drawing_10_31.3dm”
File “C:\Users\musters\Dropbox\paulus\grasshopper\dropbox\robot\pen_drawing_10_31.3dm” successfully read
Command: _Grasshopper
Command: GrasshopperDeveloperSettings
Command: _Grasshopper
Command: CommandHistory

Opening a program yields this error message.
double-clicking yields

only no search results.

Thank you. It’s coming up to midnight here so I won’t be able to do anything about this today. My summary so far:

  • Based on the information provided, no components and parameters load at all, not even from Grasshopper.dll itself. Grasshopper.dll loads and executes just fine, but it is incapable of loading any components from anywhere.
  • Components that load fine on GH in Rhino5 also fail to load, so it’s not their fault.
  • Grasshopper correctly identifies a bunch of folders from which GHA files ought to be loaded, and this list contains no surprises.
  • There are no loading errors or messages (this is pretty suspicious, I’d expect to see at least something here, you looked at the command history directly after the first time _Grasshopper was used in a specific Rhino session right?)

It may be the only way for me to find out more is to do a remote debugging session. I’m guessing that’ll be a first for both of us. Is that something you’d be willing to submit yourself to?

David, I did want to part of the new RH6 process so yes I would welcome your input remotely if you think it would help. I have done this for other software trouble shooting so it should not be a problem if you are in the states at the moment. Outside the states you might not be able to get through the firewall here.
I do get an error attached when I first open grasshopper ,yes, but I always have errors about some plugins that I am not using when loading GH on RH5 as well and just ignore them and continue with no problems.


Has this issue been resolved as i have the same problem. None of my basic grasshopper components are loading in rhino 6 but everything works fine in rhino 5.

Are there any error messages printed to the Rhino command history?

Looks like Hoopsnake isn’t loading. To test this you can rename the Hoopsnake.gha on your machine to Hoopsnake.notgha and try starting Grasshopper again. Let me know if the error goes away.

ok this did work

You can try and see if there’s a new version of hoopsnake out, if not and you want to keep using the plugin for Rhino5, you can try putting an empty file next to it with the exact same name but the extension *.no6. I think that’s supposed to work…

How intuitive. How come you didn’t think of that @kib8? :rofl:

Hi David,
I just installed Rhino WIP to start testing SubD and move away from Autodesk’s Tspline.
I am having a similar problem in grasshopper with no components showing. Could you please have a look at the below error messages and suggest what I should do? Or direct me to a more general thread that has solved this issue?
blank GH canvas

GH developer setting

GH breakpoint

Thanks in advance for the help! t

Looks like the CSVReader plugin is short circuiting the startup process. Can you run the GrasshopperLoadO eByOne command to start GH and omit that plugin?