Grasshopper installation issues - corrupt rhi?

So, I couldn’t find any posts that dealt with this issue directly. Sorry if I missed it.

I have downloaded 4-5 times, now, the rhi file. Every time I try to open it, though, it complains that the file is not compatible. How many times should I need to download this thing before it works?

For the record, I have Version 5.0 (5.1.20927.2215, 9/27/2012)

Am I behind in versions?

Hi David- you can try associating the rhi file by hand as described here:


Nope. I still get the incompatibility error.

Yes, you have an old Rhino5. The early versions had problems with .NET plugins inside RHI files, you’ll have to update to a newer Rhino5.

David Rutten