Make2D SDK

Make2D component in Grasshopper sort of operational now that the logic is available in the SDK.

Animated clipping plane:


Can you share that gh definition?

Think you can make it work without having the Make2D components that I wrote?

I guess that means I can stop looking for those components now. . .

Once I’m happy these components work as expected (and once they have icons) I’ll merge them with the Serengeti code base and they’ll appear with the next RhinoWip release. There’s a lot of work to be done especially with setting up views.


Can we assume the animation will be reversible as in a reveal? TIA

awesome, can’t wait till this makes it into the WIP.

you can move the clipping planes any way you like them to move. There’s currently a bug with exporting viewport images in the Wip which means I have to do the animations by hand, which is why I haven’t done anything more interesting yet.

New approach with setting up projections is slowly (very slowly) getting there.

There’s now 2 ways to set up a projection, either a Parallel one using a rectangle as frame (with proper preview, as shown above) or by referencing a Rhino named view or viewport.


So Rhino & GH still refuse to have proper Cameras as first class citizens? :wink:



We really need hatching in the clipping AND hatch settings for objects and layers. PLEASE see if you can pull some strings to add that. Working with BIM and having to manually hatch and pick and place fills (hatch definitions) is so 90’s… And it should be a pretty straight forward thing to add since you already have the clippingplane cut-lines, should it not?


Hi David,
I hadn’t noticed until now that this is in Grasshopper now. Thanks!

I’m trying to make hatched clipped views from geometry that is generated with GH and am running into a few issues. I see that the outcome is the same as what one gets from Rhino so I’ve posted those Rhino issues here.

I’ll have to wait until the issue with open curves on the clipping plane is solved but in the meanwhile:

  • Could you make it so that the curves from the clipping plane get their own visible type so that it’s easy to pull those out of the list?

  • This might be as-designed but I was a bit puzzled by the output of a Parallel View Make2D where the view plane is inside the objects. The Parallel View component doesn’t have a Clip boolean input as the Make2D Rhino View component has and since I didn’t have a clipping plane input into the Make2D component I had expected a none-clipped view from parallel rays from infinity through the objects. The result now is not like the clipped version either - it feels incomplete - I dunno…

Sample attached:
Make2D (336.6 KB)

The Vt output will say “Section” if the curve is a clipping plane curve, is that not what you are after? The problem is that Make2D outputs loads of different curve types and each one requires 3 output parameters. So even if I add one more the output will now feature 9 fields instead of the current 6.

I’m also not entirely sure in what exact combinations curve types can appear. Is it possible to have visible and hidden sections? Probably. Sections that are also Creases? Probably not. @GregArden can you elucidate a bit on the potential permutations?

I know the view setup isn’t very good. I ran into problems making it work early on and requested some more functionality on that front. I think that has been done now, but I haven’t gotten around to working on the Make2D stuff since then. I’ll have another look at that soon.


Yes, that’s what I’m after… sorry about that - I failed to check the output of Vt on that one view that was clipped as it should… :unamused: :blush:

Hatches, please


Hi David,

Except for assign objects from different layers to different brep and import them into the make2d component, is there other ways of maintaining layers?

No, Grasshopper is unaware of the whole concept of layers and there’s no way now to attach that information to anything.

Thank you for the info.
Then for architecture workflow, it make more sense to stick to the Rhino Make2D.

BTW, may I ask what is the viewport image in your GH definition you’ve attached above?
Is it a GH component that allow you to view the Rhino view port in GH canvas?

In GH, File > Export Quick Image…
This will let you include a viewport in the screen shot.

@DavidRutten , An ON_HLDFullCurve will have a unique type, ( SilTangent, SilCrease, SilBoundary, NonSilCreas, NonSilTangent, or SectionCut). Then the full curve is partitioned into hidden and visible sections called ON_HLDCurves.