Grasshopper Display Issue (Bootcamp)

I’m using a 2018 MacBook Pro with AMD Radeon. The AMD driver crashes Windows so I have disabled and switched to the Microsoft generic driver. Everything else works fine, except GH points are displayed as little rectangles as seen in the attached image. Any help is greatly appreciated as I have uninstalled/reinstalled Windows several times now. Thanks in advance for any help that you may provide.

Also, it’s not a Preview Point Flavor setting.

You mean the driver actually crashes your Windows even without Rhino running? Did you ensure you have the very latest driver for your Radeon GPU?

Yes, the driver crashed Windows without Rhino running. I do/did have the latest driver. I have tried both directly from AMD and from

That is not a good situation for you. Rhino WIP (and Rhino 6) need OpenGL 3.3 minimum to function properly. The generic driver doesn’t support that. This means that you will likely see glitches and unexpected behavior.

Any reason you don’t use Rhino WIP on the Mac side? Your Rhino 6 license works on both sides

I assumed it may be an OpenGL thing.

I do use Rhino WIP on the Mac side for small jobs. However, almost every job I do requires the use of shapefiles, and the path to the file is different on my PC at work and my Mac on the road. I have done text splitting and replacing to get the path correct on occasion, but can be a bit of a pain going back and forth. Also, many GH plugins still weren’t compatible last time I checked.

I’ll keep troubleshooting the driver issue and post an update if I get it sorted. Thanks for your assistance.

@jason6 good luck with the drivers, I hope AMD/Apple can get them fixed sooner rather than later.

And wrt Grasshopper, I guess it also comes down to having plug-in authors ensure they have a Mac version available if they wish to support the platform. Here’s to hoping many of them do decide to do that.

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