Rhino 6 WIP is unusable on Macbook Pro 2016 Bootcamp Win 10

This has been happening with past few Rhino 6 WIP builds:

Screen freezes and the computer crashes if there’s any complexity in the model, and you use any other display mode than wireframe. Looks like Radeon drivers are crashing (AMD Radeon Pro 455, Crimson 16.6). I can’t update the drivers because of Boot camp…

Rhino 5 works OK, and the Mac version is running fine.

How’s bootcamp stopping you? I have always update mine from AMD. but I don’t have a 2016.

The latest AMD updates are from April:

Also for some reason you can’t install the Radeon pro software on boot camp:

There are some hacked drivers: http://www.bootcampdrivers.com , but I don’t want to risk messing up my computer…

I must get an easier life now with an elder MBP and an ancient iMac.

I though AMD had given up on locking drivers from working on specific OEM versions a while ago. There where threads and threads with I think it was @stevebaer giving advice on how to hack those drivers.

If you are willing to try Windows 10 restore points work pretty well. If right now you can’t use the computer might be worth trying it and rolling back if it fails. Same for image backups from the Windows 7 backup control panel in Windows 10. Just make sure you have a working recovery USB stick before trying it.

I was able to debug on an older AMD driver this week and found some bugs that I was able to work around. Hopefully this next WIP will work better for you.

Good to hear, I’m looking forward to it!

The hacker dude at bootcampdrivers.com is trying to get the Radeon Pro software working on MBP - I guess I’m going to give it a try if he succeeds.

Bad news: the latest WIP (2017-1-31) is still crashing…
I’ll try next the unofficial AMD driver updates.

It’s also crashing with the latest unofficial drivers…

I reinstalled Windows and all drivers, but the latest WIP is still crashing the computer with shaded displaymodes. I hope it gets fixed at some point…

Sorry you had to go to such extremes to attempt to fix this. If you are willing, we could try remote debugging onto your computer to see if we can figure out exactly where the problem is occurring. If so, please email me directly (steve@mcneel.com) so we can figure out how to move forward.

Latest WIP seems to be working fine on MBP! Good stuff.

That’s great to hear; we made several fixes in the latest WIP for display. Just wish I knew which fix actually helped out in your case :slight_smile: